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Full Version: New to the game!
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I have just registered and am new to the game. Not sure how many non-Dutch speaking users there are on here, but I'm certainly one. Looking forward to playing the game (as is my son) as we are big tennis fans (not just after the Davis Cup!)

Would love to know what everyone is looking forward to most in the tennis calendar?

We're travelling to the US Open later in the year so that is an obvious one for me.

Hoping that someone at least notices this thread!
Welcome Ckzebra! Last year it was about 50/50 between players from the Netherlands and outside of the Netherlands. I'm getting the feeling this year there will be even more non-dutch players so that's why I created this forum.

I always love the RG->Wimbledon stretch, so much tennis on (for me) decent hours, it's just great. I'm also planning to visit Rotterdam this year so definately looking forward to that.
I'm also looking forward to Nottingham. 4 of us went last year and had a great weekend at the quali's. This year there are 14 dads and lads travelling down so should be great.

Thanks for creating the thread. How many players are you expecting in the game?
Welcome ckzebra and thanks for initiating this thread, hopefully many more will follow.

I think we ended up with close to a 1000 players last year, with an average of 250 active teams at any given week. Looking to improve on especially the last number.

I'll be heading the the Sydney Open in a week's time and possibly the Australian Open as well (but not too likely this year unfortunately).
I am  from Detroit, Michigan, USA.  I go to the Cincinnati tourney every year since 1999, except last year (was recovering from surgeries earlier in the year).  I am going again this year, though!!
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