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Australian Open
The database for the Australian Open has been opened. Very interesting draw I think. Good luck all!
I understand that Novak is the favorite, but are the points so drastically distorted between players?
A player's cost is actually exactly equal to their points on the ATP ranking.
i understand that, but i just think it makes the game nearly impossible to play because let's be honest, in the big tournaments, the top players are going to win.  so everyone picks novak, and then we try to pick which 20+ ranked players will win 1 or 2 matches.
Well that's the whole point of the game of course. Smile  You  say Novak is going to win. If he does you are rewarded for the risk you've taken, because at that price there aren't many other players you can select (that said, if you select the correct alternatives, you will go a long way towards those 2000 points and your risk will be less). So if he doesn't (which can happen), you're stuffed for a little while and will have to do some catching up in the next few weeks/months. That is a decision you need to make and that's what the game is all about. Good luck. Smile

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