The End

Dear Contestants,

For more than a year now I've been struggling with my motivation to keep this great game going. My personal life and my job have become more and more demanding and combining that with FTM is becoming harder and harder. I've always said I would continue to do FTM as long as I'd enjoy doing it but for the last year this hasn't been the case.

This means that after 10 beautiful years FTM will stop. I want to thank everybody for all the years of joy I've had. You are the reason I've been doing this for such a long time. Also I want to thank everybody that helped me organizing this game. A lot of people have been doing a lot of processing in the background which was the main reason I could keep this up for so long.

The forum will continue to exist for a while so you can always use the forums to keep talking about the matches.

With kind regards,