Rules Fantasy Tennis Manager 2018

Goal of the Game

Fantasy Tennis Manager is a game where you create a team of tennis players that score points for you. They will do so by getting good results in the various ATP tournaments in that week. The more points your players score, the more points you score. The ultimate goal is to score more points than the other contestants of the Fantasy Tennis Manager.

How to create a team

Every weekend the ATP tournament schedule will be entered, once published, for the week to follow. From that moment on you can create your team. You can select a player by clicking the selection box before that specific player. Some players will not have a selection box, this is because only players from the ATP Ranking top 150 are selectable in the Fantasy Tennis Manager.
Screenshot choose players
If the selection was completed succesfully, the player's box will turn green. You can select as many players as you like, as long as you do not exceed the available budget.
Your remaining budget will be shown in the upper right part of the screen. This amount will be updated every time you select or deselect a player. This way you are constantly aware of your remaining budget.
Screenshot budget over
Pay attention: When you click on submit while having overspent your budget, some players will not be inserted in your team.
If you think your team is ready, don't forget to click on the submit button at the bottom of the page. This way you confirm your team and your store it in the database.

The budget

As indicated above, there is a limited budget to comply with. The budget can differ per week depending on the players who play in the tournament. The value of all players that can be chosen in a tournament will be added and then (depending on the kind of tournament) a certain percentage of that will be added to your budget:
250 tournament: 25%
500 tournament: 20%
1000 tournament: 20%
GS tournament: 15%

The player values are depending on their official ATP ranking total. These values are extracted from the website of the atptour.


The number of points a player scores in a week is depending on his result in the tournament he plays that week. If Roger Federer wins the Australian Open he will gather 2000 points for the ATP ranking. If you have picked Roger Federer for this tournament then you will collect these 2000 points for your team. All points of all your players in your team in that specific week will be added for your weekscore.
The amount of points that can be scored, depends on the tournament category. You can check these points on the website of the atptour. The points are also shown on your team page where you can create your team.

Categorie Winner RU SF QF 16 32 64 128
Grand Slam 2000 1200 720 360 180 90 45 10
TMS 128 1000 600 360 180 90 45 25 10
TMS 64 1000 600 360 180 90 45 10 -
500 - 64 500 300 180 90 45 20 0 -
500 - 32 500 300 180 90 45 0 - -
250 - 64 250 150 90 45 20 5 0 -
250 - 32 250 150 90 45 20 0 - -


Every week cups will be distributed to the contestants that had the winner of a tournament in their team. So if Novak Djokovic wins the Australian Open and you have him in your team you get 1 cup. If you have multiple winners in your team you get multiple cups. At the end of the year the winner of the cup ranking will be the person with the most cups. In case there are multiple people with the same amount of cups the prize will be divided between all of them.

Closing time database

The closing time of the database (the moment you can no longer adjust or create your team) depends on the tournaments being played that week. There is a fixed pattern however:
- Grand slams: The database will always close on Sunday 10 PM (CET).
- All other tournaments: The database will close on Monday 10 PM (CET).
- Exceptions are Indian Wells, Miami and the TMS which start on different days. The closing time for these tournaments will be announced in the weekly mail.

Below is an overview of all the weeks, containing the tournaments, the budget and the database closing time for that week.

Pay attention: The first week (Sydney/Auckland) is a test week. The points you will collect this week will not count for the general ranking

# Tournament Draw Closing time
0 Sydney 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Example 250
World Tour Finals 8
Auckland 250
1 Australian Open GSSunday 10PM (CET)
2 Montpellier 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Sofia 250
Quito 250
3 Rotterdam 500Monday 10PM (CET)
New York 250
Buenos Aires 250
4 Delray Beach 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Marseille 250
Rio de Janeiro 500
5 Acapulco 500Monday 10PM (CET)
Sao Paulo 250
Dubai 500
6 Indian Wells (TMS) 1000Thursday 10PM (CET)
7 Miami (TMS) 1000Wednesday 10PM (CET)
8 Marrakech 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Houston 250
9 Monte-Carlo (TMS) 1000Monday 10PM (CET)
10 Budapest 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Barcelona 500
11 Munich 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Istanbul 250
Estoril 250
12 Madrid (TMS) 1000Monday 10AM (CET)
13 Rome (TMS) 1000Monday 10AM (CET)
14 Geneva 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Lyon 250
15 Roland Garros GSSunday 10PM (CET)
16 s-Hertogenbosch 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Stuttgart 250
17 London 500Monday 10PM (CET)
Halle 500
18 Eastbourne 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Antalya 250
19 Wimbledon GSSunday 10PM (CET)
20 Newport 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Bastad 250
Umag 250
21 Atlanta 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Gstaad 250
Hamburg 500
22 Los Cabos 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Washington 500
Kitzbuhel 250
23 Toronto (TMS) 1000Monday 10AM (CET)
24 Cincinnati (TMS) 1000Monday 10AM (CET)
25 Winston-Salem 250Monday 10PM (CET)
26 US Open GSSunday 10PM (CET)
27 Metz 250Monday 10PM (CET)
St. Petersburg 250
28 Chengdu 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Shenzhen 250
29 Beijing 500Monday 10PM (CET)
Tokyo 500
30 Shanghai (TMS) 1000Monday 10AM (CET)
31 Antwerp 250Monday 10PM (CET)
Stockholm 250
Moscow 250
32 Vienna 500Monday 10PM (CET)
Basel 500
33 Paris (TMS) 1000Monday 10AM (CET)
34 Group Kuerten 4Saturday 10PM (CET)
Group Hewitt 4


It is prohibited to have more than 1 account per person. If the organisation finds out that anyone has more than 1 account all accounts of this person will be deleted.


Everybody who registers for Fantasy Tennis Manager and is 18 years or older competes for the prizes. However you do need to have a bank account or a paypal account in order to receive the prize.

The prizes will always be paid to the person who made the post points in that category. In any case two people end up with the same number of points the prizes will be added and divided between the winners. If there is just one prize that prize will be split up amongst the winners.

Any other cases

In any case where the above rules don't provide an outcome, the organisation is authorized to take a decision.